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As Shopify migration experts, we master the change with flying colors. 💡 Use our experience for your success: 
▶  We transform your current online shop  lighteningly quickly into a Shopify success story that sells. Your success is our mission.



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1. ▶What sets Codilyze apart as a Shopify agency from other e-commerce agencies?

There are now as many digital agencies that can help you with the web presence of your company as there are sand on the sea. Finding your way through the jungle of offers can quickly become a complex challenge.

CODILYZE helps you to plan your sales strategy with concrete and understandable project steps and user-friendly tools.Because in addition to comprehensive expertise in the areas of marketing, e-commerce, SEO and web design, the Shopify agency has its own experience in entrepreneurship.

The five-strong team therefore knows exactly what is important to optimize your online shop and achieve a satisfactory conversion rate.Because no matter how nice your website looks, if nobody can find it, or it is so complicated to use that the user prefers to shop elsewhere, then unfortunately it is not worth much.

► In addition, our Codilyze specialists are characterised by customer proximity and flexibility. It's not about selling generic online marketing projects. We combine the individual wishes and needs of our customers with tailor-made tools and converting design to increase company awareness and sales.

2. ▶Shop system, payment solutions, advertising strategies and corporate identity - What services does Codilyze offer?

Whether you are optimizing onealready existing online shops or maybe a completely new shop want to set up, we are the right people to contact.

Our e-commerce services include, among others:

✔  Non-binding offer
✔  Initial consultation and advice
✔  Conception and configuration of the shop including payment solutions
✔  Shopify migration
✔  product setup
✔  Page speed and search engine optimization
✔  Advertising strategies via social media and Google
✔  Converting design and integration of corporate identity
✔  Validation of new concepts
✔  Online marketing and marketing of your products
✔  automated invoicing
✔  Tools for easy accounting and setting up a merchandise management system
✔  Placing the legal texts (imprint, data protection, cookie policy, terms and conditions)
✔  Expansion of existing shops through various additions
✔  possible connection with apps and existing merchandise management system
✔  Shopify Plus for B2B stores

in short,our Shopify agency optimizes the sale system of companies, online retailersand those who want to become one, with expert consideration of all sales-oriented criteria.

3. ▶ How long does the implementation of an e-commerce project through Codilyze take?

Depending on the complexity of your project, we usually need 4 to 6 weeks to implement it.Of course, it all depends on whether an online shop already exists, whether you plan to update your web design, and how much programming and customization we have to do until your e-commerce completely meets your expectations.

For shop owners who are in a hurry, our Shopify agency will always find the best possible solution in the form of an express quote.


► After we have been able to convince you of our comprehensive offer, it is important to ensure smooth implementation. This defines a realistic time frame that corresponds to the customer's ideas and within which the project will be implemented. With our agile approach, we take care of your change requests from onboarding to the end of the project and implement them in an agile way.

4. ▶ Does Codilyze offer one fixed price?

► Due to our extensive range of services and the individual starting situations as well as the different expectations of our potential customerswe do not offer fixed prices.

► However, you can undervarious e-commerce packages choose, whose offers and prices are very precisely detailed on our website.

► For more complex projects you will receive one personal estimate.

5. ▶ Which Advantages and disadvantages features ecommerce through a Shopify platform?

Shopify has almost nothing but advantages. Especially pleasant is the user-friendly operation. You can be the operator of your online shop yourself as soon as our Shopify agency has set up and programmed everything for you.

Perhaps Shopify's only real downside is that that certain specific functions - such as price scales - are not standard and therefore have to be added later.

For small and medium-sized companies who want to concentrate fully on their products and services without spending hours maintaining their online shop, This cloud-based sales solution not only creates absolute added value from a financial point of view. It is worth its weight in gold not to host the shop software on your own server and not to have to worry about downloading new versions all the time. Updates are from yesterday!

The most important advantages at a glance:

✔  Cloud-based, no in-house server required
✔  Order forms are gone
✔  user-friendly and intuitive
✔  automatic updates with constantly new functionalities
✔  integrates all common means of payment
  easy linking to social media and other sales channels
✔  Extensions through apps possible
✔  large selection of layout templates

Three small weak points:


• monthly basic fee
• relatively complicated move from Shopify to other platforms
• Not all functions included in the basic subscription (extensions through various apps if required)

6. ▶ To what extent plays search engine optimization play a role in the success of my project?

► You should also leave the search engine optimization to an agency specializing in e-commerce. This is especially important for online businessesto be among the first positions in search engine rankings.

► Because customers who do not yet know your company but are looking for your products or services should ideally be immediately forwarded to your website. Efficient placement of keywords and boosting the loading speed (page speed) of your online shop contribute to this. Of course, our Shopify agency also masters such things.

7. ▶ Can retail store and Online shop be connected?

Yes, our Shopify agency can help you with this as well. Linking to your local shop is part of our omnichannel strategies, which do justice to modern customer behavior. Since Shopify introduced the new Shopify POS solution, the connection after a professional set-up has been very easy.  

Today, many customers first look at the products and prices on the Internet  before entering a store. Customers are also happy to check the availability.

Customers also like it the other way around  - especially for larger purchases - to first examine the goods in the store before placing an order over the Internet a few days later.

8. ▶ What is connection and interfaces?

Also called API (for Application Programming Interface), these are Technologies that can connect the shop software to third-party systems.

► For example, it is possible for our Shopify agency to connect your online shop to your in-house, existing ERP system. This opens many interesting options  in the areas of sales, marketing, logistics and storage.

9. ▶ Which themes are suitable for the online shop of my company?

With which layout and which personalizations you want to convince your customers, is ultimately up to you.

► However, it is advisable to design and functionalitiesan expert Shopify agency like CODILYZEto entrustwho is familiar with converting design.

► For many Shopify beginners it works like this: Download the theme from Themeforest, pay less than a theme loaded from the Shopify Theme Store and after a few months you'll notice: It doesn't load properly on all end devices and the shop does not like it on the search engine either not found well. This is where a good Shopify theme naturally excels.We work exclusively with top developers such as: Maestrooo and Archtype Themes.

10. ▶ DIY versus agency: why should I hire a Shopify agency for my E-commerce project?

► In the age of do-it-yourself, many young entrepreneurs and start-up founders think that they can set up their online shop themselves and regulate marketing strategies in-house. Indeed, Shopify's intuitive tools make it easy to launch a functioning online shop overnight.


A functioning shop is, howevernot for a long timeto be equated with successful e-commerce.This requires specialist skills. Because if you simply use the next best layout, if you forget important functions or neglect essential conversion aspects, the disappointed customer will not stay in the shop for long. Assuming he finds it at all. Then also search engine optimization want naturally learned.In view of the abundance of different online offers, the usability of a shop is becoming more and more important. This has been illustrated by the renowned Shop Usability Award; since 2008.

► The successful implementation of a ERPs can be done with just a few clicks. Here, Billbee or Xentral are two of the potential candidates leading Shopify. Since the programming of the interface has already been implemented by WaWi, you don't have to worry about programming. Nevertheless, the WaWi is not tailored to the retailer from the start.It depends on whether you optimize the interface for the online retailer. And this is exactly where CODILYZE steps in and designs the interface in such a way that, in contrast to DYI, no data records are lost or bugs occur.

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