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Kübler: Vom Metzger zum Online Supermarkt

Project is created with Shopify agency eCommercely

One of our clients is a butcher from Stuttgart. Their business model is local wholesale of meat and vegan products. Their store software was based on the eCommerce platform from Wix. For the size of the company, this was a very simple eCommerce solution. They turned to us because they wanted to increase their online sales, reach a wider audience, and dramatically expand their product line.

The idea of building a real online supermarket with more than 6,000 products was born, and I was hired to make it happen.

Where we started:

300 meat-based products on Wix eCommerce.

No ERP system or automated invoicing set up

No API interface to Google Products, Facebook Shop, etc.

Low sales volume with only 0.4% conversion rate

Where we are now:

6000+ products from non-food to food

Shopify Plus

ERP system connection

API interface to Google Products, Facebook, etc.

3.6% conversion rate and 17% returning customers

250% increase in sales volume

The success story

We started by migrating from Wix eCommerce to Shopify via Litextension. All products were set up with their respective data via meta fields. We then improved the structure of the meta fields (Shopify 2.0 update) to display nutritional information and ingredients with allergens, as required by German food standards. This data is displayed in the bottom product tab so that the customer has all the data at hand when needed.

We also set up maestrooo's new Focal theme and improved it with many code tweaks to display better and more detailed data about the product and the seller to improve the conversion rate. These improvements have increased the rate from 0.4% before to 3.6%.

The implementation of trust banners like eTrusted Shops and Trustpilot has further increased the trustworthiness of the store. These code adjustments via Javascript have helped new customers find the right product based on product reviews.

A major obstacle this customer faced with Shopify was that it didn't support logic for shipping refrigerated and non-refrigerated products together. I had my developers solve this problem by upgrading to Shopify Plus, giving us the ability to edit the checkout.liquid file.

We wrote both a Ruby code and a javascript in the checkout file that query from the backend if the product has been tagged "cold". If so, the entire cart is shipped cold, so the customer doesn't have to pay twice for shipping, as would have been the case without our implementation. This customization allowed the customer to ship effectively across Germany with sensible shipping logistics.

In the figure above, you can see that even if a product is "non-refrigerated", it will be shipped refrigerated together with the other product. This is important to save costs and logistics costs for the customer and to keep a competitive advantage.

Further adjustments to the checkout have improved the checkout.liquid file, as you can see here. 3 USPs to remind the customer that they are dealing with a company with tradition, in business since 1890.

These adjustments increased the conversion rate from 0.4% at the beginning to 3.6% in March 2022.

At the moment, we are focusing on adding more than 6,000 new products to the webshop to further expand it into an online supermarket. In addition to food, customers can now find products such as toothpaste, bleach and aluminum foil, to name just a few.

The drastic increase in the number of products in a short period of time poses many risks due to human error. I have therefore found a solution for the customer using the Matrixify app. A smart csv upload through the app allows for faster and more accurate processing of this large amount of data. Each product has more than 30 data points.

In addition, all products are pushed to Google Merchant Center and Facebook Shop via data feeds. Tracking via Google Analytics is implemented so that retargeting campaigns work with a high success rate.


We helped improve the client's SEO ranking with great success. Since I moved the domain professionally (with 301 redirects and Google Search Console Domain Change), the visibility on Google has increased dramatically.

Today the business ranks in the top 10 of Google with over 35+ keywords, many of which I was able to get into the top 10 within 6-10 months.

This means that the online supermarket is gaining new customers organically and free of charge. We currently have around 45,000 visitors via search alone in the past year.


The client has gone from a small e-commerce solution on Wix to a large online supermarket in 1.5 years. At this point the Shopify Plus store is state of the art, works well on mobile, is fast and ranks very well on German Google. We implemented a neat ERP solution that includes automatic invoicing, management statistics and easy data export for tax lawyers in DATEV format.

I am very proud to be the project manager of such a fast growing project. It has been both challenging and exciting. I look forward to growing my client's business and being of great benefit to the team as an e-commerce manager and project manager.

Please visit the web store.


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