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We differ from other agencies in that we not only act in an advisory capacity, but also optimize your website technically.

▶ That means,  You don't need any other service provider  to attract new customers to your website.




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on Shopify and SEO

1. ▶Can my online store get to the first page of the Google search results come?

Shopify makes it quite possible to get your online shop on the first page of various search engines. However, depending on the search volume and competition, this takes two to ten months and requires solid specialist knowledge.

This is exactly where CODILYZE can help you.Through on- and off-page optimization and page speed, we efficiently push your ranking up.

►  Under onpage optimization is understoodboth an appealing structural preparation of the website content and technical adjustments, which are carried out, for example, through internal links, optimized menu structure, sitemaps (files sent to Google with a complete page overview of a website) or strategic changes to the SEO-technically important page titles.

Offpage, i.e. outside of the actual website, we can also do a lot for you. This is where link building via so-called backlinks or inbound links; comes into play. These are external links from other websites to your landing page or your specific product page that you want to make publicly available. The loading speed (Pagespeed) of your shop pages has also been an important ranking factor since July 2021. Our Shopify and SEO experts achieve the latter by appropriately encoding your files, among other things.

2. ▶ Which mistake should be avoided in Shopify SEO customizations?

As the operator of a website with an integrated online shop, you should always remember that not only the traffic counts, but also the time spent on your site and the trust of your customers. On the one hand, the length of stay contributes to the relevance and thus the ranking of your website, on the other hand, the customer will not buy from you if the content does not seem serious and does not inspire trust.


►  That means concrete that you don't just have to pay attention to purely technical adjustments such as the alternative texts of your product images or exclusive backlinks. The displayed content should also be unique. It is therefore better to have product descriptions and your landing page written by external copywriters. Also, don't be afraid to hire a web designer to optimize the visual design of your shop. A cross-service Shopify SEO agency like CODILYZE takes care of all of these things. Because our experienced team knows how complex and difficult it can be to assert yourself permanently on the Internet.

3. ▶ Why it pays to buy Shopify through SEO optimize professionally allow?

✔  automatic forwarding of search queries to your online shop
✔  efficient external link building
✔  increased sale potential
✔  cheaper and more effective in the long term than time-limited advertising campaigns
✔  professional combination of all important aspects that are difficult to implement for laypersons
✔  improved web credentials make your business more trustworthy for customers
✔  Online shop and websites receive additional added value through well-structured and appealingly designed content

Acquiring new customers through advertising campaigns can quickly become expensive. Small and medium-sized companies in particular have to think carefully about how best to use their budget. Also, time-limited marketing strategies always come with the risk of not being as successful as you had hoped.

► If you boost your online shop with Shopify and the corresponding SEO strategies, you have the security, the traffic on your pages - and thusTo increase your sales - constantly and in the long term.


► Additionally, expert SEO methods like link building through backlinks, SEO alignment of filenames, implementing quality content on your product page, or expertly revamping your page titles and navigation menu also contributeImproving reputation and brand imageat. Your brand name thus benefits from a professional web presence and is firmly established in the minds of the newly acquired clientele.


► But customers who already know your shop will also feel reassured when they see your presenceon the first page of the search enginesdetermine. In general, companies with insufficient web references appear to be dubious.

► Furthermore, you always have the option of using your Shopify SEO strategiestargeted advertising campaignsto combine via Google Ads or Google Shopping Ads.


Our CODILYZE team also knows exactly which aspects are important for keyword placement.Depending on the search volume of the search queries that your potential customers make via the search bar of various Internet browsers, we insert the right keywords on your website. Because not all terms that seem important to you personally actually have the same SEO relevance.


In short, our competent SEO supportleads to the efficient forwarding of potential customers via the search bar or external websites directly to your online shop.

4. ▶ Shopify versus WordPress - Which Content Management System (CMS) is better suited for SEO-optimized e-commerce?

If you want to get into online business, you may be wondering which software you should use to start your e-commerce business. Small businesses sometimes feel torn between WordPress and Shopify.


To put it simply, one could saythat Wordpress is a technically more detailed CMS, but is not specific shop software. Without Woocommerce, WordPress therefore does not have a satisfactory shop solution.


► So it depends on the importance of your online shop in your overall project.

 Should your website primarily be a showcase for your company and your services? Would you like to publish a blog and advice texts? Then WordPress is a good solution.

► If your activity is largely limited to selling products, you should undoubtedly choose Shopify.

5. ▶ Why is CODILYZE of all things the ideal Shopify SEO agency for my company?

We not only ensure that Google indexes your website sufficiently.We offer you everything you need for successful and lasting Shopify SEO:

✔  Google Merchant Center Smart Campaigns
✔  Possibility of international web presence thanks to our five-language team
✔  weekly SEO support
✔  transparent key figures and reports
✔  Serving Shopify and Shopify Plus customers
✔  Personalization and Commitment

CODILYZE is not a simple Shopify SEO agency that does a few technical adjustments and links and then leaves you to fend for yourself with your online shop.


Even if we are perfectly capable of inserting keywords, writing high-quality texts, linking external websites to your shop and correcting common errors such as duplicate content or unprofessional coding,our competencies do not end here.


What makes us special as a Shopify SEO agency is our commitment towe accompany you week after week with the help of transparent key figures and reports as well as innovative ideas. This is how we achieve your personal e-commerce goals together, both at home and abroad.


We do the same with Shopify and Shopify Plus enhancementsSelf-employed as well as small and medium-sized companiesunder the arms.


In addition, we can provide you with targetedonline advertising campaignsto be helpful.

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