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Our secret lies in  our successful teamwork - each of our employees supports the agency with what they do best. Working with professionals is fun!

1. ▶We are  owner-managed and independent. We always give everything for our customers. And even more.

►  Founded in 2019 by Sebastian Boll, CODILYZE has established itself as a digital customer-oriented e-commerce and web design agency.

2. ▶ Every employee with min. 5 years experiencein the fields of e-commerce, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, programming or web design

►  we offer our customers services that can only be acquired through first-hand knowledge and practice.

3. ▶Our USP is that our agency is run by experts who are themselves a founder in e-commerce.

►  Therefore, we not only understand aspects, but also the overall digital picture. We are committed to meeting your specific needs. We don't just offer one-off jobs, we provide our clients with a 360-degree view of your business to ensure your long-term success.

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